Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Car Hands Free Driving Coming with Magnetic Charging Dock 3.5mm Aux Input Jack and USB Charging Cord


Differ with other handsfree kits, our bluetooth handsfree kit is featured with a bluetooth headset, which provides you flexible answering choices.
You could answer calls via the audio system of your car directly, or pick up the headset to talk privately.

– Utilizes latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology(fully backward compatible) for high-speed transmission and low power consumption
– Transmits the audio from your device to your car audio streaming sound system, just make sure your car has the 3.5mm aux jack
– With a detachable charging dock, the headset could be magnetically put on the dock for charging via car chargers or cigarette socket
– Auto pair with your device next time when turned on, auto off within 5 seconds when disconnected for energy saving
– Could be connect with two devices simultaneously(please make sure both of
your device are Android or ios system. Currently it could not stay stable while one device is android phone, the other is iphone.)
– If your phone supports, it is allowed for Three-way calling

1. Dead? Check if it is fully charged. Plug to USB cord to your car charger or cigarette socket, check if the ref indicator turns on.
Make sure the magnetic poles on the charging dock stays in the correct place
2. Static noises? Some old model cars has no ground loop isolating system, and the buzzing sound could be hearable through the headset.
You might need a ground loop isolator(not included) to get better clarity.
3. Not pair? Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and find the “ZJchao CZ01”,
cancel or ingore the previous pairing, search again and pair it again.
4. Not auto turn on when the car is powered up? For energy saving purpose,it is designed with auto turn off only.
If you needs it, turn it on and it could pair with your previously device
Bluetooth wireless headset, could connect with two devices via bluetooth 4.1 to answer phone calls, or play musics
Car hands free driving, pick up the bluetooth earpiece, it allows fpr private convensitions with the other end of the phone call. It also enable for three-way phone calls if your phone supports
Works stably as a bluetooth receiver to transmit the audio to you car speaker system by the Aux input
With a detachable charging dock, the headset could be magnetically put on the dock for charging though your car chargers. Once the bluetooth is disconnected, the headset would turn off automatically for energy saving
Easy to use: attached the charging dock on your car, charging it with your car charger and plug the aux 3.5mm input to your car audio streaming sound system, pair with your device, and then you could listen to music or takings calls

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